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African food and drinks constitute what we can consider to be the basis or roots of the whole planet EARTH. 

This aguement finds its existence in the flexibility of the African cuisine and drink mixes, see the African recipes, markets and regional African cuisine. Tasting a dish of fried flying ants and enjoying a thick chibuku shake is what travelling is all about - for some! Africa is as diverse in its foods as in its cultures. Here's a guide to the regional cuisines from Egypt, through Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, DRCongo, Zimbabwe to South-Africa.

Understanding the african culture helps understand the whole World! What makes of a culture a typical African Culture?

  • Naivity, Pascience and Flexibility
  • Brotherhood, Family and Society (also Clan or better the consciensness about the blood related origin)
  • artistic and musical mysterium and social simple mind
  • Natural inclination to Sport, art and Music, and the importance of the talent that makes it possible without school.

No matter where one is, there is no African FOOD without spices. Because of the flexibility of the African Mentality, even poor people get somehow a way of cooking their own food without loosing its comestible taste. 


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