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Kabulu online is an idea that came after the afro music and cosmetics store, Msquare, was closed. Because of its fame and after people realised that no one among the afro shops that opened later none of them was built up through the Msquare concept.

As for the African and Caribbean music, we created a place we to listen and dance this type of music. Food could as well be eaten in the same place. Those who listened and danced to the African and Caribbean rhythm, asked where they could get it and we did not know where to send them. Thus Kabulu online try to satisfy your needs in music and cosmetics just as did Msquare before. Msquare that was founded on 1rst September 1996 went on, from 2001, as an online shop that partly converted itself in Kabulu Online Shop that has the ambition to provide with more products for African Europeans. Because all is about our service, we have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for collectors and beauty conscious people everywhere.


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